The Drama Continues.
9.1 - Chaos Theory
9.2 - Dead Again
9.3 - Insurrection

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Update: Okay, so I haven't been on top of things. Life tends to get in the way. But every so often I have time to wrestle with html...and the result, for your enjoyment, is a review for Insurrection. Have at it, 'cause I liked this one. ::winks::

And now, to get down to business: welcome back, all my partners in fandom. Welcome to the penultimate season of a landmark television series. If you're one of the ones who've been watching since the pilot - like me - you're wondering where the last nine years went and hoping to God that this show doesn't suffer the same fate as so many others that lasted until their ninth season. 


Also, a disclaimer. I am in no way affiliated with NBC or Warner Brothers or any of the ER characters or any of the proverbial Powers That Be...and thank whatever higher power there is for that. Any and all snark and other material you see on this site was written for my own personal enjoyment and the enjoyment of others. Have I covered my ass? I believe I have. Thank you.